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Centre for Anti-Infective Agents

Centre for AntiInfective Agents (CEFAIA) – Austria
CEFAIAThe Center of AntiInfective Agents, Vienna, Austria (CEFAIA) was founded by Ursula Theuretzbacher as a private independent research institution in 1988. CEFAIA focuses on scientific expertise in the field of research, development, and usage of antiinfective agents, especially antibiotics and public health needs. Based on extensive experience in antibiotic research and science communication, CEFAIA partners with multinational collaborative research projects, funding institutions and non-profit organisations.

Main tasks
As leader of WP5, Ursula Theuretzbacher will perform all activities related to dissemination of project results in close collaboration with the project coordinator to include:
Develop and manage the general information platform (Project website, online tools).

Inform and train physicians and the research community.
Engage professional interest groups and policymakers.

Create interest from patient advocacy groups.
Disseminate results to specialized media.

Previous experience and Key personnel
Ursula Theuretzbacher (PhD) is a microbiologist and expert for antibacterial drug R&D strategies and appropriate use of antibiotics. Her broad therapeutic area expertise, based on more than 30 years of experience, includes strategies to improve the use of antibiotics to increase effectiveness, minimise harm, and reduce the potential for emergence of resistance. Based on her interest for R&D, clinical and public health aspects she provides expert advice on research, innovation policy and evaluation of R&D programmes for governments, research and funding institutions.
She lectured at the Medical University of Vienna where she designed courses in AdvancedBacteriology, Infectious Diseases, and Antibiotic Treatment. Approximately 100 CME activities related to the appropriate usage of antibiotics, guideline development & implementation, and scientific topics including PK/PD and resistance have provided her with an advanced foundation in scientific and clinical knowledge dissemination and consolidation. As co-founder of the Medical Institute for Quality Management, Germany-Austria, U. Theuretzbacher organized and developed CME accredited events in the quality management, guideline development, and evidence based anti-infective therapy domains.

Currently she is the work package leader in various multinational collaborative and EU funded projects including AIDA (EU FP7) and DRIVE-AB (IMI) as well as a partner in COMBACTE-MAGNET (IMI). Previously, she served as President of the International Society for Anti-Infective Pharmacology, Founding President of the ESCMID (European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) PK/PD of Anti-Infectives Study Group, chairperson of a working group of the International Society of Chemotherapy, and as Executive Committee member of the International Society for Infectious Diseases. U. Theuretzbacher is member of the coordinating group of the WHO project Priority Pathogen List for R&D and led the WHO pipeline analysis. She published numerous invited articles and was recently appointed ESCMID Fellow.

Recent publications