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North Bristol NHS Trust and University of Bristol

North Bristol NHS Trust and University of Bristol (NBT) – United Kingdom
NBT Logo - webNorth Bristol NHS Trust is a University of Bristol associated teaching hospital and the largest NHS organisation in the South West of England (population 5.5m). The University of Bristol is one of the world’s top 100 research active universities, and the leading university in the South West. Infection is a major theme in the research activities of NBT. There is a significant infrastructure available for PKPD evaluations and, with partners at the University of Manchester (Hope), the complete range of expertise for this grant can be provided.

Main tasks
NBT is the WP leader for WP 3 and will also coordinate the preclinical work associated with this package in WP4– that is, in vitro, in vivo, human and associated mathematic modelling. NBT provides a UK wide antibiotic assay service and has significant expertise in drug assay. The University of Bristol, Heart Institute, Clinical Trials Unit, will provide organisational, statistical, governance and ethical support to the RCT.

Previous experience
Several animal models have been established in Manchester by William Hope, and a range of in vitro models are available in Bristol (MacGowan). NBT is a centre for pharmacokinetic evaluation of antibacterials (Lovering). The investigators have significant experience of clinical trials funded by NIHR in England, and the Heart Institute supports large NIHR and MRC (UK) studies.

Key personnel
William Hope, an infection clinician, has indepth experience of PK modelling, and mathematical and experimental PKPD approaches. .

Recent publications

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