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Uppsala University (UU) – Sweden
The Pharmacometrics research group within the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University has a strong background and experience in development of PK and PKPD models for dose optimization, pharmacometrics methodology, drug development and study design. One of the major therapeutic areas in focus is infection and antibiotic therapy where the group has developed population PK models and PKPD models based on in vitro time‐kill curves, including models describing emergence of resistance.

Main tasks
Uppsala University is a significant contributor to the design of the sparse sampling of colistin for the trial in WP1 and will be involved in the design, chemical analysis and population analysis of the colistin PK and PD data from this trial. This partner will also contribute to the PKPDmodeling and simulations (WP4, PK/PD analyses of trial results and integrating the results with preclinical studies)

Previous experience
A LCMS/MS method for determination of CMS and colistin has been developed and validated. The group has extensive knowledge on building and validating population PK models, including models for antiinfectives such as cefuroxime, vancomycin, gentamicin and colistin. Development of semimechanistic PKPD models that show applicability across drugs and designs have contributed to the research fields of antibiotics and immune defense. The Pharmacometrics research group is involved in the IMI project DDMoRe with responsibility for infection models. The two Uppsala groups are also engaged in two large national collaborations on antibiotic drug resistance.

Key personnel
Lena E Friberg (PhD) is an Associate professor in Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University. Lena E Friberg will act as the principal investigator from Uppsala University for the AIDA project. Her research interest is on development of (mechanismbased) population PK and PKPDmodels, with a focus in the oncology and infection areas. She is currently the main supervisor of 8 PhD students (3 working in antibiotic research) and has published > 50 papers in peerreviewed scientific journals. In 2008 she received the Segré Prize from EUFEPS for distinction in the field of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Recent publications
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