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Seconda Università di Napoli

Seconda Università di Napoli (SUN) – Italy
The Second University of Naples is one of the largest Italian State Universities. The Italian partner center is coordinated by an Academic Division of Internal Medicine with a special focus on Infectious Diseases. It operates in the Monaldi Hospital of the Azienda Ospedaliera dei Colli, a 450 bed cardio-thoracic referral center, partly academic, with 28 adult ICU beds. The Italian center has participated to a number of national and international clinical trials in the field of bacterial infections, particularly nosocomial infections and cardiovascular infections. The unit holds a research laboratory able to perform molecular biology, cell biology, protein assays, and basic microbiology studies. It maintains a strong partnership with the Monaldi Hospital Microbiology central laboratory. SUN has a well organised research infrastructure (SUNRES www.sunres.unina2.it) and holds a contract with a research organization dealing with the management of European research programs (Soges, www.sogesnetwork.eu).

Main tasks
SUN will participate WP1 - randomized clinical trial (Multicenter, open-label, randomized clinical trial to compare colistin alone vs. colistin plus imipenem for severe infections caused by carbapenem-resistant bacteria), by recruiting patients into the trial.

Previous experience

SUN and Monaldi Hospital have participated in a number of collaborative projects: ICE, International Collaboration on Endocarditis (coordinating center Duke University); SEI, Studio Endocarditi Italiano; CoRAb, Colistin Rifampicin Acinetobacter baumanni randomized comparative trial, funded by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

Key personnel
Emanuele Durante Mangoni (MD, PhD): is an assistant professor of Internal Medicine, PhD in Clinical Microbiology, and Internal Medicine specialist physician in the clinical division of Infectious and Transplant Medicine, Monaldi Hospital, Naples (IT). He coordinates several research protocols at his units and was the first author of the article presenting the results of the CoRAb trial on severe infections due to drug resistant Acinetobater baumannii (CID 2013).

Riccardo Utili (MD): is a professor of Internal Medicine, specialist in Infectious Diseases, Chief of the clinical division of Infectious and Transplant Medicine in the Monaldi Hospital, Naples. His main research interests are nosocomial and cardiovascular infections and infective complications of heart transplant. He was the principal investigator in the CoRAb trial on severe infections due to resistant Acinetobater baumannii (2007-2012).
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