United Kingdom
The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland
Israel, Greece

Work package 5

Dissemination and comunication.

This Workpackage will disseminate and communicate the project results to the main target groups including physicians, the research community, professional interest groups, policy-makers, and the public via media and patient advocacy groups.
WP5 will not only disseminate the results of the individual WPs to professionals and other target groups, it will also communicate the objective of the project as a whole., i.e. answer the question of clinical effectiveness and optimal dosing of off-patent antibiotics for infections caused by multiple drug resistant pathogens. This aspect is especially important as it is based on critical principles of this project. These critical principles will be communicated:
-Optimization of treatment and reducing emergence of resistance by elucidating PK/PD relationships,
-Translational aspects (in vitro and in vivo models as basis for dose selection), and
-Provision of an alternate model for the clinical development of antibiotics and for the re-evaluation of off-patent antibiotics outside the pharmaceutical industry.

Involved institutions:
  • Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (The Netherlands): Johan W Mouton (MD, PhD), Daniella Kasteel (PhD, Ir., project manager) and Ramprasath Venkatachalam (PhD, Project Manager) 
  • Centre for Anti-Infective Agents (Austria): Ursula Theuretzbacher (PhD)