United Kingdom
The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland
Israel, Greece

Work package 4

PK/PD analyses of trial results and integrating the results with preclinical studies.

The data obtained will show a relationship between exposure (both qualitatively as well as quantitatively) and outcome (microbiological and clinical) and the risk of EDR for the antimicrobials studied. This will allow clinicians and hospital epidemiologists to make rational choices between antimicrobial agents based on their inherent properties and allow for optimisation of existing dosing regimens in different settings. Finally, the quantitative relationships found will allow the pharmaceutical industry to develop safer antibiotic agents with improved features in preventing resistance. Workpackage 4 contributes to the whole project, as it integrates the data obtained in the Workpackages 1-3, and also provides key information that will be disseminated by Workpackage 5.

Involved institutions:
  • Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (The Netherlands): Johan W Mouton (MD, PhD)
  • Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre (Israel): Yehuda Carmeli (MD, MPH)
  • Uppsala University (Sweden): Otto Cars (MD, PhD) Lena E Friberg (PhD)
  • Statens Serum Institut (Denmark): Niels Frimodt-Møller (MD, DMSC)
  • University of Geneva (Switzerland): Stephan Harbarth (MD, MS)
  • North Bristol NHS Trust and University of Bristol (United Kingdom): Alasdair MacGowan (MD) Andrew Lovering (BSc, PhD) 
  • University of Poitiers (France): William Couet (PhD)
  • The University of Liverpool (United Kingdom): William Hope (MBBS, PhD)