United Kingdom
The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland
Israel, Greece

Work package 3

Multicenter randomised controlled clinical trial to compare antimicrobial oral treatment with minocycline plus rifampicin to oral treatment with linezolid for complicated skin and soft tissue infections (cSSTI) due to MRSA.

This study will provide an answer to the key scientific and clinical question regarding the safety, efficacy and costs of two off patent drugs used in combination versus gold standard patented therapy in MRSA infection. The trial will be supported by the PK-PD preclinical work done in Workpackage 4 and the clinical PK-PD will validate the doses and combination used.

Involved institutions:
  • North Bristol NHS Trust and University of Bristol (United Kingdom): Alasdair MacGowan (MD) Andrew Lovering (PhD) 
  • The Micron Group (United Kingdom): Ian Harding (PhD) Miriam O’Hare (PhD)