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Old Antibiotics Conference

 ESCMID Conference on Reviving Old Antibiotics, Vienna, Austria 22 – 24 October 2014

In the face of increasing antimicrobial resistance and the lack of new agents it has become clear that we need new strategies. One of these must be to revisit old antibiotics to make sure that we are using them correctly and to their full potential as well as to find out if one or several of them can help alleviate the pressure on more recent agents. On 22.-24. October 2014, Vienna played host to a major expert conference, convened by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) and scientifically organised by AIDA partners. International researchers, academics, representatives from pharmaceutical companies and national medical and regulatory agencies explored the potential and pitfalls of using old revived antibiotics to tackle the growing global threat of antimicrobial resistance.

The three day conference, ‘Reviving Old Antibiotics’ has attracted participation from almost 300 delegates from 45 countries. The expert panel and the delegates have identified and agreed a number of key actions which need to be taken urgently, if old antibiotics are to be used effectively:

 To identify and gain consensus on candidates amongst old generations of antibiotics that are most needed to fight multi-drug resistant infections

  • For candidate antibiotics, to establish current quantities, global availability and dispersal, quality, appropriateness for human and non-human use, and to carry out the necessary studies to fill the knowledge gaps
  • To engage in a co-ordinated effort to disseminate and communicate to all stakeholders – including governments, donors, academics, researchers, health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry - to build support and gain consensus on the need for rapid action on exploring the benefits of using off-patent antibiotics to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

 A full report from the conference, with recommendations and a plan of action, will be published shortly. 


Press release after the conference  German version

AIDA presentation


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