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In this section you will find various information about the AIDA drugs as well as general information related to the project.
Colistin, fosfomycin oral, nitrofurantoin, minocycline


The interest in colistin is still increasing. This trend is apparent when looking at the program of this year's ICAAC. Numerous studies will be presented at ICAAC in Washington DC, Sept 2014. Posters and talks focus on dosing, PK/PD, combinations, resistance, in vitro testing, toxicity, and clinical studies.

This file lists important colistin presentations at ICAAC 2014.


Colistin is the first revived antibiotic to undergo substantial ‘redevelopment’ in academic settings. As a result of these activities, there is rapidly evolving new non-clinical and clinical knowledge on colistin. Colistin is available throughout European countries and has been approved by national regulatory authorities before the forming of the European Union. Therefore the approved summary of product characteristics (SPC) of intravenous colistin products varies substantially across Europe. The new rapidly evolving scientific knowledge needs to be integrated into the SPCs and harmonised in Europe. The recently published study by AIDA partner U. Theuretzbacher investigated the variation and accuracy of information in the SPCs of intravenous colistin products approved in the European Union. More details can be found at http://epasg.escmid.org


Colistin was never developed according to current regulatory standards and regional differences in approved product characteristics and labeling is confounding the appropriate clinical use of colistin worldwide. A serious problem is the confusing terminology of describing the contents of parenteral vials and corresponding doses of the administered prodrug  colistin colistin methanesulfonate (CMS) that may lead to lethal dosing errors. The experts of The Prato Polymyxin Consensus (including AIDA partners) recently published a letter to the editor of Clinical Infectious Diseases that recommends a consistent global approach on reporting of colistin doses and labeling.


Several studies on colistin will be presented at ICAAC 2013 in Denver. This file lists the relevant colistin presentations at ICAAC 2013.

Partners of AIDA will present at this meeting: KE Bowker, AP MacGowan, WW Hope, Johan Mouton, William Couet, Lena Friberg.
Poster: Colistin pharmacokinetics after application of a loading dose of 9 MU CMS in critically ill patients


Clinical studies with colistin address the issue of comparative activity, safety, pharmacokinetics, combinations with other antibiotics, inhaled and also topical applications. Worldwide  ongoing and recently completed studies are listed in this information sheet.


1st International Conference on Polymyxins, 2 - 4 May, 2013, Monash Centre in Prato, Italy

This opinion-leader conference featured state-of-the-art presentations by speakers who are world leaders in research and clinical use of polymyxins.

The program and presentations are available on the ISAP website (International Society of Antiinfective Pharmacology)



Selected presentations on colistin during ECCMID 2013


An impressive range of studies will be presented during ECCMID 2013 in Berlin.
This  list of presentations may help to choose the most interesting posters and symposia.

  Mical Paul, leader of work package 1 and principal investigator of the colistin trial presented an overview of the efficacy, use and dosing of colistin during the ECCMID 2012 in London.
Presentation by Mical Paul, 2012

William Couet, partner of work package 4 presented an overview of colistin's pharmacokinetics during th eECCMID 2012 in London.
Presentation by William Couet, 2012

Handout of the Educational Workshop during ECCMID 2012, London, UK, 31 March 2012:
Colistin use in clinical practice


Presentations on colistin at ECCMID 2012

A large variety of studies on colistin will be presented at ICAAC 2012.
Fosfomycin oral, nitrofurantoin

Due to the growing numbers of ESBL producing enterobacteriaceae the interest for carbapenem-sparing treatment regimens increases worldwide. Oal fosfomycin seems to gain more attention as alternative or even first line treatment to ease the election pressure on carbapenems. Several presentations at the ICAAC 2014 are dedicated to fosfomycin. See a list of presentations here.

These old antibiotics are not well studied and few studies presented at ICAAC 2013 mention fosfomycin trometamol or nitrofurantoin.

  During the ECCMID 2013 in Berlin a few presentations mention fosfomycin trometamol and are included in this document.
Presentations at ECCMID 2013 on urinary tract infections treated with fosfomycin or nitrofurantoin
Minocycline  Presentations at ICAAC 2013 that included minocycline